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Welcome to our Staffroom!

Sit in a comfy chair. Come in and have a ‘virtual’ cup of tea or coffee (virtual cake if it’s a Friday – we always have cakes on a Friday)!

The sharing of good practice gives all teachers more ideas. Through the ‘Staffroom’ we hope to share some of our ideas with others. We are hoping that teachers from other schools will let us know what they think of our ideas/practice – ideas for improvement would be most welcome! Also, we would welcome hearing about the good practice going on in other schools!

If there is something you wish to share or discuss with us, then why not drop us an e-mail, or fill out the short enquiry form on our contact page.

Information Communications Technology to Enhance Learning and Computing Science

We have an RM Computer Bay with an Interactive Touchboard and LCD projector. The bay is part of a Multimedia Room which houses Easiteach software, web conferencing facilities, the library and a listening centre in addition to computers, scanner and digital camera. We have another Interactive Whiteboard and multimedia projector set up in our Conference Room, using Easiteach software to raise attainment. Every class has an RM computer which is linked to the Internet and an interactive touchboard. Every member of staff and every pupil has his/her own email address. We are working on our school ICT Policy and assessments, matched to the Scottish curriculum experiences and outcomes. We are also using ipads, apps and MacBook Air to enhance learning.

Jolly Phonics

The school introduced the multi-sensory approach to the teaching of phonics in August 2000. It has been a huge success, not only in raising reading attainment but also improving the quality of writing. Staff in our Gaelic Unit have also developed a Gaelic version of Jolly Phonics so that the children in the Gaelic Department can work on this approach too.

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Teachers’ Cupboard

We would like to share our resources with other schools and staff. Please use any of the resources posted on this site.


Click to view and print any of the following:

More resources will follow!

Useful Websites!

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This is where we put in a plea for opinions, ideas, contacts or resources!

Health Promoting Schools

We gained our Gold Award for Health Promoting Schools in June 2006. We have now completed working on our follow up two year action plan. We would be very interested in talking to other schools involved in Health Promotion!


Would any school in France be willing to become email partners with our Primary 6 or 7 children so that they can practise their French? Or would any school/business like to take part in video conferencing with us?


Would any school in Scotland be willing to become email partners with any of our Primary 1 to 7 children so that they can practise their Gaelic? Or would any school like to participate in facetime with us?


We are also looking for partners to ‘moderate’ standards in curricular areas with us.

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