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Homework Help!

At Mount Cameron we have a Homework Policy in place.

As part of our policy we would like to offer some extra help with homework! Have a look at the Homework Help page for that extra help!

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Story/Poetry Corner

You can read some wonderful stories and poems from the children of Mount Cameron Primary on the Stories/Poetry Corner!

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Extra-Curricular Activities

At Mount Cameron we have a wide selection of extra-curricular activities for children.

Our school programme includes taking part in Primary Sportshall Athletics and Football Fest. We also have a Gaelic Choir and take part in the Gaelic Drama Festival and MOD.

In addition to arranging for lots of visitors to come to the school and excursions out of school as part of our 5-14 programme, we have lots of clubs for our children.

Most of our clubs take place after school, some take place during our lunch breaks.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Football Netball Choir Story Club Keyboard Club
School Newspaper Club Dance Athletics Shinty
Heartstart Code Club

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Pupil Council

At Mount Cameron we have a Pupil Council.

All classes, from Primary 1 to Primary 7, are represented on the Council. Children are voted on to the Pupil Council by members of their class. The Council meets in the school staffroom every Friday afternoon. The Council has a Chairperson who organises the meetings and minutes.

So far, the Council has been involved in our ‘Positive Play‘ in the playground, the organisation of a school ‘Star Spot’ award for a pupil from each class, and in the refurbishment of the school toilets.

At the moment the Pupil Councillors are working on a pilot project for soft cushions on the pupil chairs in the school!

There is more news on the Pupil Council page.

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Golden Tickets

At Mount Cameron we aim to promote better behaviour, better learning.

We have introduced the ‘Golden Tickets’ rewards scheme for all pupils!

You can win Golden Tickets for showing acceptable behaviours in the playground, moving around the school, in the dinner hall and on visits! Pupils collect tickets, working towards a class reward!

You never know when it could be YOU who gets a Golden Ticket, and helps your class!

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Positive Play!

We have lots of playground equipment for our children.

There are large magnetic play panels (chess, snakes and ladders, draughts and connect a row) on the outside walls of the school. Every class has a turn of a giant ‘Mega Line Up Four’ game. Every class also has a play box with a parachute, beanbags, skittles, ‘a Big Hand Tennis’ set, a ‘Throw a Hoop’ set, a spinning top, a twirling ribbon, quoits and balls.

An ‘Active Breaks’ worker helps our children to learn play and social skills, both during and after breaks. She also works on school projects with our children, organising activities suggested by our children.

In addition, the school has Lunch Clubs including a Chess Club, Recorder Club, Choir, Story Club and Computer Club!

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Listen to our pupils

Some of our children have recorded their thoughts about Mount Cameron.

Audio media icon :English
Audio media icon :Gaelic
Audio media icon :French

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ECO Committee

Children from Primary 5 work on litter and taking care of the environment.

Some of the children take part in our school ECO Committee. The Committee meets every two weeks and has a noticeboard to display minutes and other information.

The children also have a budget to spend.

Go to our ECO Committee Page if you want to find out more!

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Health Promoting School

At Mount Cameron we aim to promote the good health of all our children, families and community.

We teach health education through our programmes of study, inviting ‘health’ visitors into school, encouraging our children to be active and through work on the ‘Health Promoting Schools‘ award scheme.

The Pupil Council and ECO Committee members work together to promote health and to discuss plans.

Share your ideas with them!

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Jokes and Puzzles! Icon

Jokes and Puzzles!

Our children have prepared some jokes and puzzles for you.

Why not go to the Jokes and Puzzles Page to try them out!

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Useful Websites! Icon

Useful Websites!

Always ask your parents/guardians to check the websites before you use them.

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It's Up To You! Icon

It’s Up To You!

Our children from Primary 3/4 Room 4 have recorded their own version of our whole school song ‘It’s Up To You’! The song was written by Gordon Reid and is a brand new song.

The class of children have recorded this version to promote the ‘whole school‘ song that has been uploaded on to itunes so that people can download it and enjoy it, raising money for the Oxfam charity!

Its Up to You ArtworkYou can listen to the song by streaming it below!

Audio media icon : “It’s Up to You”

If you wish to download the whole school version go to the iTunes ‘It’s Up To You’ single page.

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