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Partnership with Parents and Carers

We encourage and value any opportunities to work with parents as partners in the education of their child and the development of the whole school community. Parent helpers are involved in activities at the school as well as going on class outings.We hold Entrant Programme meetings for the parents of our new Primary 1 pupils, giving some insight into the approaches to learning and resources used. We consult with parents through the Parent Council, PTA, questionnaires and meetings. Mount Cameron is fortunate to have a very active Parent Council and PTA.

Various fundraising and social events are held throughout the year with great success. We also work very closely with our parents and guardians on a whole range of issues. We place high value on working in partnership with both the Parent Council and the Parent Forum. We have a Parents’ Room at the entrance to our school which has useful resources in addition to tea/coffee facilities. Classes for parents and guardians are sometimes held in the Parents’ Room of the school.

We use Parentmail (notification emails) for parents and guardians as a way of communicating more closely with our parents and guardians. For more information on how nto register please go to the Parentmail website.

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Parent Council

Mount Cameron Primary has a Parent Council. Members of the Council work in partnership with staff and parents.

All parents and guardians in the school are members of the Parent Council.

For more information go to the Mount Cameron Parent Council page.

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Parent Teacher Association

Mount Cameron Primary is lucky to have a very active Parent/Teacher Association.

Various activities are organised regularly e.g. Fashion Shows, Car Boot Sales, Christmas Coffee Mornings, Quiz Nights and Discos for the children. Funds raised are used to purchase equipment, resources and experiences that benefit the pupils.

Go to the PTA page for more information about the PTA and for ordering school uniform.

There is also a national organisation for Gaelic Medium Education parents, Commun Nam Parant.

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Useful websites for Parents

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Parent and Carer Room

Mount Cameron welcomes parents and guardians to the school.

We have a Parents’ Room for our parents. The Parents’ Room has a small kitchen with tea and coffee-making facilities. It also has new furniture and has just been decorated. Why not meet with other parents and pop in for a cuppa?

If you have an idea for a special class or event that you would like to organise in the Parents’ Room please let us know!

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Other South Lanarkshire Council Services

There are many Council/Education Resources services which we can access for our pupils and families. The school is also kept up-to-date with a whole range of services throughout Scotland.

We can, in partnership with our parents and guardians, refer children to Psychological Services, Behaviour Support Services, School Health Services, Specialist Support Services (for teaching and learning) and a wide variety of other agencies.

Within South Lanarkshire Council, there are now ‘Children’s Integrated Services’ teams. There are a wide variety of workers in these teams, including Family Support Workers, P6-S2 Support Teachers, Attendance Officers and many others.

The Children’s Integrated Services Team can talk with families (in confidence) about ways to support their children, whether that be because of health issues, learning/social/behavioural difficulties, family circumstances or indeed any areas of concern.

The school has literature on all of these services and staff will be happy to discuss this with you at your convenience, if you feel it would be useful.

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