Mount Cameron Nurseries

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General Information

The same room is used for both nurseries. The Gaelic Nursery offers 5 morning (a.m.) sessions for children and the Mainstream Nursery offers 5 afternoon (p.m.) sessions for children.

Parents wishing to apply for a place in either Nursery should complete an Early Years Application Form, available from the school.

Listen to our Nursery children talk about their nursery!

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In line with Curriculum for Excellence we provide a balanced and stimulating range of differentiated activities and learning opportunities to enable all children to develop high self-esteem and achieve their maximum potential.

  • To encourage all children to fulfil their potential by building on strengths and supporting individual/special needs in order to raise achievement in all areas.

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Nursery Aims

Gaelic Unit

  • To introduce and develop the use and understanding of oral Gaelic.

Learning and Teaching

  • To continually monitor, assess, evaluate and improve approaches to teaching and learning in terms of individual/group/class needs following National Guidelines.

Support for Pupils

  • To support the needs of all pupils by providing appropriate teaching and learning experiences, working in partnership with other services, parents and the community to ensure maximum benefit and high self-esteem for all pupils.
  • To work in partnership with all staff, parents, our School Board, PTA, Early Years, local community, other services and agencies to provide equal opportunities in learning and development to all of our pupils.
  • To make optimum use of all resources through on-going evaluation and targeting of those resources to specific areas of need or development working within the available budget.

Management and Quality Assurance

  • To seek continual improvement in quality strategies through Staff Development, Performance Measurement, Long term Budgeting and Sound Governance as part of a “Best Value” approach.
    • Head Teacher – Mrs Caroline Reid
    • Nursery Nurse – Mrs Gillian Connacher
    • Gaelic Nursery Teacher – Mrs Anne Hughes
    • Mainstream Nursery Teacher – Mrs Katy Sweeney

Parents/Guardians wishing to apply for a place in the Nursery classes should complete an Early Years Application form available from the school.

Parents/Guardians from any area may apply to attend either nursery class but this does not mean children will automatically transfer to Primary Education in the school.

All nursery places are allocated in line with the council’s admissions policy. An admission panel will meet at regular intervals throughout the year to decide how nursery places will be allocated.

If you might be interested in a place, please do not hesitate to contact the school 01355 232062 if you would like to arrange a visit to either nursery class. We look forward to meeting with you!

A copy of the Nursery Handbook – 2010 (pdf) is available to view online or download.

The Care Inspectorate are responsible for the registration and inspection of all Pre-five provisions. Everyday practice in the nurseries is based on the six principles that underpin the National Care Standards: Dignity, Privacy, Choice, Safety, Realising Potential, Equality and Diversity. More information about the work of the Care Inspectorate ( can be found on their website.

A copy of the previous Care Inspectorate Report for Mount Cameron Gaelic and Mainstream Nurseries can be viewed on their website.

Both nurseries follow The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Code of Practice.

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