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Hello world and welcome to Mount Cameron Primary Nursery and Primary website. Thank you so much for visiting and we sincerely hope that you find our website useful.

Mount Cameron Primary opened in 1970 and the school was rebuilt on the same grounds, the new build school opening on 18th of April, 2007.

The school houses P1-7 Mainstream Classes (7 classes), P1-7 Gaelic Department Classes (4 classes), a nursery (20 places), a Gaelic nursery (20 places), an SLC partnership nursery and a Gaelic playgroup/mother and toddler group (Clann Trang). Details for all of our provisions can be found by contacting the school.

Mount Cameron Primary is a feeder school for Calderglen High, also in St. Leonards area and Mount Cameron is therefore part of the Calderglen Learning Community of schools. Calderglen Learning Community of establishments includes 3 Primary additional support needs provisions and one secondary school for children with additional support needs, Sanderson High, that is attached to Calderglen High.

Mount Cameron School building was rebuilt during the time from April 2006 to April 2007. The whole school community now benefits from a brand new school building which features state of the art equipment and ICT infrastructure. You can find Mount Cameron Primary and the town of East Kilbride on the linked map.

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Gaelic Department

The basic aims of Gaelic Medium Education are to develop pupils’ Gaelic language skills and to support pupils’ personal development through Gaelic literature and culture. The children begin in Primary 1, usually ‘feeding in’ from the Gaelic Nursery in the school. During the first two years at school, the curriculum is delivered entirely in Gaelic. During Primary 3, the children begin a bilingual programme, with the introduction of English reading and writing. Finally, at Primary 6 and 7 stages the children also learn French.

Please follow the link to view and/or download our Gaelic Medium Education Policy – 2016 (Microsoft Doc).

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Curriculum for Excellence

All children follow the Scottish Curriculum (Curriculum for Excellence) experiences and outcomes for children.

Curricular areas:

  • Language and Literacy (including French and Gaelic for children in the Gaelic Department)
  • Mathematics and Numeracy
  • Sciences
  • Technologies (including Information Communication Technology to Enhance Learning & Computing Science)
  • Socials Studies (People in Society, People and Place, People in the Past)
  • Health and Well Being (including Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport)
  • Expressive Arts (Art & Design, Drama, Music)
  • Religious and Moral Education

In addition, the school continually works on the further development of a Curriculum for Excellence programmes.

Assessment for children is matched to the different levels of the curriculum:

  • First level – nursery to P1
  • Second Level – P2 to P4
  • Third Level – P5 to P7

Evaluations of ‘developing, consolidating or secure’ are used as children progress and apply learning.

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Pre-school Education

Mount Cameron Primary has two nurseries which provide stimulating learning environments for young children. The Gaelic Nursery offers 5 morning places for children and the English Nursery offers 5 afternoon places for children. Parents/Guardians wishing to apply for a place in either nursery should complete an application form, available from the school.

In addition to the two nurseries, there is also a group called The Mounties Community Nursery at Mount Cameron. This Pre-Five Unit operates in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council. Parents/Guardians wishing to apply for a place in the playgroup should complete an application form, available from the Manager.

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Curriculum for Excellence, 3 - 18 years Icon

Curriculum for Excellence, 3 – 18 years

The children in both nurseries work on the outcomes from a Curriculum for Excellence and responsive planning. Curricular areas include those indicated above in addition to:

  • Planned, purposeful play experiences
  • Responsive curriculum in line with children’s needs and interests
  • Home learning partnership opportunities
  • Taking learning outdoors

The children share school resources including the gym hall, library and computer bay. Our nurseries plan and consult with children and parents on a focus for activities (shared with parents through the noticeboards) and work on a stimulating programme of activities throughout the year, in line with the needs and interests of our youngsters.

Mount Cameron Primary and Nurseries won a BECTA ICT (whole school) Excellence Award for Scotland in November 2009! If you would like to read more about this please follow the links below:

Daily Record – Mount Cameron Top School for IT

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Pupil Council, ECO Committee, and School House System Icon

Pupil Council, ECO Committee, and School House System

Mount Cameron has a Pupil Council.
Each class is represented on the Council. The Pupil Council has a budget to spend and takes forward the ideas, suggestions and opinions of pupil in the school.

Mount Cameron also has an ECO Committee made up of Primary 5 pupils.
The ECO Committee is working hard to take care of our environment and also has a budget to spend.

There are 4 houses in the school –
Barra house logoBarra
Iona house logoIona
Mull house logoMull
Skye house logoSkye
All children in the school are sorted into ‘Houses’ and work hard to earn points for their houses.

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Although the information on this website is correct at the time of publishing, there could be changes affecting any of the matters dealt with during the course of the school year and contact should be made with the school to verify details.

The school and Council take no responsibility for the linked websites and users should know that other websites are out with the control of the school. If there are any problems in using links/websites or this site please contact the school.

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